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Library Management

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A Library is a direct customer to RFID Tags.Library staff is usually stuck in procedures like
  • Book Issuance
  • Book Receiving
  • Book Searching
  • Book Inventory Management

RFID has answer to all these questions. All colleges, Universities, Public Libraries need this application. RFID system will automate the following tasks using RFID technology,

  • Accessing number of books at a time
  • Searching a particular book to check its presence in the library
  • Locating the physical location of the book
  • Accounting/Stock verification of the materials

The RFID based LMS facilitates the fast issuing, reissuing and returning of books with the help of RFID enabled modules. It directly provides the book information and library member information to the library management system and does not need the manual typing. It also provides monitoring and searching system. The monitoring module will continuously monitor the movement of books across the gates, so that the books taken out without prior issuing will be traced out easily and will alarm the librarians. The searching module provides the fast searching of books using RFID handheld reader. The physical location of the books can be easily located using this module.

Utmost care has been taken to provide following features to the Library using RFID technology:

  • To remove manual book keeping of records
  • Traceability of books and library members as they move
  • Improved utilization of resources like manpower, infrastructure etc.
  • Less time consumption as line of sight and manual interaction are not needed for RFID-tag reading.
  • To provide 2 meters read range antennas
  • To minimize the manual intervention
  • To minimize the manual errors
  • To provide the long lasting labels
  • To provide fast searching of books

Components of System

  1. RFID Readers ( as per Entery / Exit)
  2. RFID Tags
  3. Software for required System
  4. Handheld PDA
  5. RFID Tag Writers
  6. RFID Tag Printer (Optional)

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