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Fleet Management

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RFID based Transportation and Fleet management solutions allows automatic identification of both the vehicle and the goods they carry. Active and passive tags with both short and long reading distances are available for different kinds of applications.

Close reading distances from a few centimeters up to 1 meter and long reading distances even up to 40 meters are possible.
RFID transport and fleet Management software together with suitable tags, antennas and readers allows vehicles and goods to be identified and tracked in/out of distribution areas for loading and unloading.

Furthermore, together with a range of mobile data terminals,  automatic vehicle location systems and GPS/GSM products, RFID  can offer complete tracking of vehicles and security of goods even   when the vehicles are travelling from one geographic area to   another.

Intelysol  is one of the few companies in Asia to offer both RFID and fleet tracking technologies in a comprehensive suite of homeland security, fleet management and supply chain products.

Our RFID Pro readers work with our radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to increase security, improve asset management, and provide efficient equipment utilization. Our transportation RFID tags are mounted on vehicles and inter modal containers and RFID Pro fixed-site or mobile interrogators read the embedded data on these tags. A host computer records the passage of tag-equipped vehicles into or out of each reader-equipped terminal location using the data captured by the reader.
Our trucking fleet management Solution with RFID FM Pro, used in conjunction with our radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, RFID readers, and our backend software solution combine to form an end-to-end solution for accurate and reliable tracking and monitoring.
RFID Pro Access interfaces with existing software platforms and offers continuous, reliable operation with virtually no downtime due to connectivity problems. RFID Products on vehicle tracking devices allow you to automate your operations for hands-free data collection. The system automatically and continuously captures data, provides gate access control, validates tags, monitors readers, and updates equipment activity databases.


Components of System

  1. RFID Readers ( as per Entery / Exit)
  2. RFID Tags
  3. Software for required System
  4. Handheld PDA
  5. RFID Tag Writers
  6. RFID Tag Printer (Optional)

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