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RFID Parking

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RFID Parking System RFID Parking System by Intelysol
Intelysol’s Parking system provides a powerful alternative to conventional

ramp style garages. As larger cities continue to grow, land availability and hence land acquisition, construction costs and security concerns are increasing rapidly.

To address this problem, many cities and developers are investing in RFID secured parking systems. Intelysol’s Parking System is a smart RFID solution fit for anyparking area; either in congested or busily populated areas. The system is installed

at main entrance and exit and may be integrated with the manual barriers (after re-engineering). The purpose is to identify each vehicle at entrance level having a RFID tag placed at windshield. The cost effective solution offers a variety of advantage to vehicle owners, drivers, administration and security guards. Now each vehicle will leave an identification mark in your Parking System software with a log in and log out report.


  1. Speedy Identification at ( Entrance/ Exit) using latest RFID Systems( less than 2 seconds)
  2. Safe, secure and easy for drivers, Visitors, Executives
  3. Economical and efficient space utilization
  4. Centralized Vehicle Counting via Parking Software (optional)
  5. Vehicle Snap for vehicle verification ( at supervisor desk )
  6. Ideal for congested areas, and can be installed elegantly in the premises
  7. Easy installation and convenient after sales management
  8. Long life ( at least 10 years)

For consultancy, Financial Proposal or Techical assistance email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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