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Saturday, 01 October 2011 11:53

Asset Management

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Asset Management using RFID is a simple idea to identify organizational assets in a scattered location, area or a warehouse using RFID Tags.

These RFID Tags shall be affixed to every traceable unit required . A PDA shall be used to track these assets or units ( around a range of 2-3 meters). This is backed up by a powerful database application.

INDUSTRY where this application is most wanted:

  1. Textile Industry ( Engineering Wing with major equipments)
  2. Garments Industry ( Machines , Generators, and other assets)
  3. Locomotives ( Spare parts, Machines, equipments)
  4. Automobiles ( Spares, Equipments etc)
  5. Aviation ( Spares, Engines, Expensive Units)
  6. Construction ( Dumpers, Rollers, Bulldozers etc)
  7. Highways ( Road lights)


  1. Locomotive Assets ( Vehicles, Transport, Automobiles)
  2. IT Assets ( PCs, Printers, LCDs, Laptops, Servers, Cabinets, UPS)
  3. Financial Assets ( Furniture, Generators, etc)

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