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Saturday, 01 October 2011 11:48

RFID Inventory

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RFID is second to none for Inventory Management. Inventroy management using barcode has restriction of LOS using barocde reader but with RFID, inventory can be managed without LOS( Line of Sight). The advantage with RFID is as: 


  • Tag detection notr equiring human intervention reduces deployment costs and eliminates human errors from data collection

  • No line-of-sight is required, tag placement is less constrained,

  • RFID tags have a longer read range than, e. g., barcodes,

  • Tags can have read/write memory capability, while barcodes do not,

  • An RFID tagcan store large amounts of data additionally to aunique identifier,

  • Unique item identification is easier to implementwith RFID than with barcodes,

  • Tags are less sensitive to adverse conditions (dust, chemicals, physical damage etc.),

  • Many tags can be read simultaneously,

  • RFID tags can be combined with sensors,

  • Automatic reading at several places reduces time lags and inaccuracies in an inventory,

  • Tagscanlocallystoreadditionalinformation;suchdistributeddatastoragemayincreasefault tolerance ofthe entire system,

  • Reduces inventory control and provisioning costs,

  • Reduces warranty claim processingcosts.

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