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This package is designed on the overwhelming requirement of our business community. Small business, where they don’t have a finance department, all transactions of Sale, Purchase, Inventory and Accounts are monitored centrally. It is an integrated package having versatile features of two software.

The package is affordable, flexible and user friendly.

Module 1:-Inventory System Features

Transaction Setups

1.User Rights/Password
2.Supplier Registration
3.Customer Registration
4.Product /Types/Sub Categories
6.Selling Price
7.Credit Terms

Transaction Inputs

1.Purchase -Party/City/Invoice vise
2.Sales Invoice-Party/Location
3.Payments via Cash-Party/Location
4.Payments via Bank-Party/Location
5.Receipts via Cash-Customer/Location
6.Receipts via Bank-Customer/Location
7.Gate Pass Preparation
8.GRN Preparation
9.Sales Return-Party/Location
10.Purchase Return-Party/Location

Transaction Outputs

1.Stock Summary
2.Stock Detail
3.Purchase Report
4.Sales Invoice Report
5.Payments Report
6.Gate Pass Report
7.Total GRN Report
8.Sales Ledger
9.Purchase Ledger
10.Pending Invoices Report
11.Sales Purchase Summary/Location vise
12.Sales Summary/ Location vise
13.Sales Return Report
14.Purchase Return Report


Module 2: Accounting System Features


1.Cash Payment /Receipt
2.Bank Payment/Voucher          
3.Journal Voucher


4.Cash/Cash Register
5.Bank Book /Bank Register


6.Control, General & Subsidiary Ledgers


7.All Vouchers
8.General & Subsidiary Trial Balance
9.Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Accounts


10.Party wise A/Payable Reports
11.A/Payable Aging– multiple aging period


12.Party wise A/Receivable Reports
13.A/Receivable Aging– multiple  aging period

Our software are fabricated with popular VB/ VBdotNet and SQL tools for a multisuer environment.Our software are flexible and upgradable with the time factor. Demonstrations of other products are also available on request.

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