Payroll Management System Payroll Management System

The Payroll Management System works as a thermostat in the refrigerator. An agile organization needs a system to monitor its staff, new HR, working hours, sick hours, daily attendance etc. All deduction and Allowances or Loan adjustments need to be monitored very closely to evade all bottlenecks. Intelligent solution has deeply worked on PMS to resolve above corporate issues. The software is also integerable to our attendance system- Time Manager, a finger print based product.

Main Features of PMS


Software Inputs

o    User programable security rights

o    Employee Information

o    Digital snapping of employee

o    Fix Allowances

o    Monthly Allowances

o    EOBI,PF, IT deductions

o    Loan Management

o    Loan recovery and adjustments

o    EOBI

o    Provident Fund

o    Yearly Bonuses

Software Outputs

o    Employee Master Form

o    Monthly Payroll Report (Dept. wise, Status wise and section wise)

o    Payroll Summary

o    Pay Slip

o    Cash Roll

o    Bank Advice

o    Bank Dispersement

o    Monthly EOBI Scroll Report

o    Govt. Summary Report

o    EOBI card

o    Provident Fund Ledger

o    Loan Status Summary ( Multiple Loan Management)

o    Provident Fund Deduction Summary

o    EOBI Deduction Summary

 There are various customizable features, which fit into the requirements of a Public Limited, or a private limited company. Our software are fabricated with popular VB and SQL server. We rely on after sales services . We serve our clients on technological foundations no matter where ever you exist..

Depending on requirement, software customization is available. Demonstrations of other products are also available on request. Intelysol Offers to integrate attendance system with

1.     Fingerprint Module

2.     Barcode Reader Module

3.     Face Recognition Module

4.     RFID Reader Module

5.     Multi-Modal Module


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