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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 06:54 Written by Shahid Mehmood

The primary uses for machine vision are automatic inspection and robot guidance. Common MV applications include quality assurance, sorting, material handling, robot guidance, and optical gauging.

Sub-domains of computer vision or Machine Vision include scene reconstruction, event detection, video tracking, object recognition, learning, indexing, motion estimation, and image restoration.

In most practical computer vision applications, the computers are pre-programmed to solve a particular task, but methods based on learning are now becoming increasingly common.


Popular Applications

  1. Surface & Defect Inspection (Tablets, Biscuits)
  2. Fill Level Measurement ( Drinks, Medicine, Oil, Liquids)
  3. Color Inspection ( Pencils, Shirts, Garments, Medicine)
  4. Size & Shape Inspection (Fruit, Vegetables)
  5. BarCode Inspection (Packaging)
  6. Expiray Date Inspection ( Pharma, Medicine, Agro, Veternary)
  7. Particle Detection in Injectables (Pharma)
  8. Identification of DNA Samples
  9. Serial No. Inspection ( On Metals/ Wooden Logs)
  10. Dot Print on Can Bottom ( Soft Drinks, Liquid containers)

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