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Building Solutions are evolving around the globe as modern building are constructed. From electrical wiring to elevators, from Fire alarm system to Security surveillance all necessary systems are preplanned before launching a mega project like MCB Tower ( Karachi ). Intelysol offers services in following buiding solutions

  1. Access Control Systems
  2. Parking Solutions
  3. VOIP ( IP phones)
  4. Call Center
  5. Visitor Management Systems (CNIC based)
  6. Networking ( Fiber Optic, Cat 6)
  7. SCADA ( For HVAC )
  8. Central Public Addressing System
  9. Identity Card Solutions
  10. Walkthrough gates
  11. Metal Detectors
  12. Firefighting Equipment
  13. Surveillance ( CCD, IP Cameras, Wirelss Cameras)
  14. Automated Barriers ( Motorised Barriers, Hydraulic Barriers)
  15. Motorised Gates ( Button Controlled for very heavy and large gates of 20x 15 feet or so)
  16. Facility Management Systems
  17. Control Rooms ( Design and erection)
  18. Data Centers